Steps to applying Anneco mineral make to your face......

Steps to applying Anneco mineral make to your face......

Steps to applying Mineral Makeup to the Face.

1. Apply moisturiser and allow 10 minutes to absorb.

2. Squeeze out one pump of pea sized Anneco primer onto your hand. Apply around eyes, nose and mouth. Allow 1 or 2 minutes to dry.

3. Correct any skin colour irregularities using colour corrector powder:

Green – High red colouring
Yellow - Dark circles under the eyes.
Blue – Neutralise brown pigmentation spots.

4. Choose shade of Mineral Foundation that blends in with the colour of your skin. Tap out sufficient powder into lid of jar. Dip in foundation brush and tap off excess powder before buffing in using circular motions. Build up coverage by repeating application until desired coverage is achieved

5. Using larger powder brush, apply Mineral Veil to set the Mineral Foundation if desired. This gives an illuminating natural effect.

6. Use an angled blusher brush to apply mineral blusher to the apple of the cheeks in an upward motion using the same method of tapping as mineral foundation.

7. Blusher is used for face contouring and is applied using the same brush as blusher.

Recommended Anneco Brushes for the Face:

Retractable Brush Oval €24.95
Foundation brush – round flat top €24.95 for Mineral Foundation and Colour Corrector.
Angled blusher brush for blusher and bronzer €19.95
Large Foundation brush oval €24.95 for applying Mineral Veil.

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