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Primer Anneco style.....

Posted by Ronan McGreevy on


- miracle complexion smoother for flawless makeup application.

Our special-formulation Anneco Primer seals off pores to create an all-over luxury protective barrier layer that acts as the perfect age-free canvass on which to apply your make-up.
Your perfectly primed, smooth and even surfaced skin is then instantly receptive for flawless make-up application.
Especially effective around eyes, mouth and nose, apply Anneco Beauty Primer over clean moisturised skin to fill in fine lines, wrinkles and banish uneven skin tones and imperfections.
Enriched with Vitamin E and specially formulated using the beneficial lubricant viscose qualities of Organic Blend Silicone, our primer leaves your skin silky and smooth while creating a perfect base for long-lasting foundation and makeup.

Enjoy experimenting with colour, shade and tone to achieve desired glamour level. Alternatively, wear make-up free for a radiant natural look.

Note: Combine with Anneco Beauty natural mineral makeup for optimum effect.