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Winter ready Skin ,The Anneco way

Posted by Ronan McGreevy on

Get your skin winter ready.

Dry, winter weather is upon us. The stresses of Christmas can make our skin even more aggravated. This is the time of year when proper skin care is the most crucial and yet our busy schedules can make it seem impossible to keep up.

Providing our skin with oils, especially those containing essential fatty acids is needed as we deal with the winter months. Older skin is "starved" of nutrients, and providing nutrition topically will compensate for loss of irrigation of the dermis by blood vessels and loss of nutrition. It can also help with the loss of subcutaneous fat that comes with aging.

A good moisturiser made with plant oils together with omega 3 fish oils is essential for the harsh winter weather.

Not only do I take it myself every day my daughter who suffers with eczema finds that they help to clear up and outbreak and keeps scratching at bay. They are a great substitute when you have kids who don’t like fish.

Another key ingredient for moisture retention that I love is hyaluronic acid a substance that is naturally found in the body. It works by acting as a cushion and lubricant in the joints and other tissue.

So why is hyaluronic acid such a big deal in skincare products? The magic of this substance lies in its ability to retain moisture. It is considered to have greater capacity to hold moisture than any other natural or synthetic polymer. In fact, one gram of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to six liters of water.

Our new dry skin moisturizer is made using some of my favorite ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and hyaluronic acid. 

Always made by our expert team in Westport Ireland.....

Love , Emily James, Anneco , Westport Ireland